Center for Musculoskeletal Health

The mission of Center for Musculoskeletal Health is to generate research and conduct implementation research on how to best support people to manage their musculoskeletal health, and stay active, throughout the life span. The objective of the center is to develop, test and implement specific treatments and management strategies for the most common musculoskeletal pain complaints (e.g. back, knee and shoulder pain). Research and implementation will be conducted in collaboration with clinical practice, end-users and stakeholders, with the goal to support patients and clinicians. Ultimately, this knowledge will be used to develop effective models of care to support an efficient health-care sector capable of supporting life-long musculoskeletal health.

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Each year a large number of adolescents develop musculoskeletal pain. The research group investigates how to improve our understanding and treatment of adolescents with pain in muscles and joints.

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Many patients contact their doctor due to pain from tendons and fascia. The research group researches how these patients are most efficiently diagnosed, treated and approached in a general practice.

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