Research Areas at CAM AAU

At Center for General Practice we have an interdisciplinary research team that conducts research on a national and international level in the area of general practice.

Research are conducted within the following seven areas at Center for General Practice:

Chart showing the research areas in Center for General Practice. The center is organized into seven research groups: ‘Center for Research Based Teaching in Family Medicine’ (Professor Jette Kolding Kristensen), ‘Chronic Diseases and Polypharmacy’ (Professor Jette Kolding Kristensen), ‘Infections and Antibiotic Use’ (Senior Researcher Malene Plejdrup Hansen), ‘Vulnerability in Practice’ (Senior Researcher Camilla Hoffmann Merrild), ‘Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation’ (Senior Researcher Allan Riis), ‘New Technology’, with the subgroups ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Ultrasound’ and ‘Video consultations’ (Professor Janus Laust Thomsen). Lastly the research group ‘Center for Musculoskeletal Health’ with the subgroups ‘OptiYouth’ and ‘PatientFast’ (Professor Michael Skovdal Rathleff).

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Center for Research Based Teaching in Family Medicine

Focus is on finding methods for optimization of cohesion between theoretical teaching and the clinical stay in general practice, optimization of learning outcomes during the clinical stay as well as exploring factors influencing recruitment to the speciality.

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Chronic Diseases and PolyPharmacy

Increase in life expectancy entails an increase in the part of the population living with one or several chronic diseases such as diabetes and thyroid diseases. The research group works with a variety of chronic diseases and the rational use of medicine.

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Infections and Antibiotic Use

Antimicrobial resistance poses an increasing problem to public health – also in Denmark. The research group works with  projects focusing on optimising diagnostics and treatment of some of the most frequent infections treated in general practice.

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Vulnerability in Practice

Social inequality in health is a well-documented challenge for the entire health care system. The research group works to develop our understanding of vulnerable patients and their meeting with the primary health care system.

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Interdisciplinary rehabilitation

The research group strive to optimize the interdisciplinarity in treatment and prevention of pain, disabilities and diseases.

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New Technology

The research group examines how new technologies, such as patient-reported measurements and the use of diagnostic ultrasonography, can be appropriately integrated into general practice. 
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Center for Musculoskeletal Health

The mission of the center is to generate knowledge on how to best support people to manage their musculoskeletal health, and stay active, throughout the life span.
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