Vulnerability in Practice

Social inequality in health is a well-documented challenge for the entire health care system. General practice acts as a facilitator and gatekeeper for most patients’ journey through the health care system. Here, inequality is manifested in the shape of social differences in disease prevalence and survival, as well as in contact patterns, referrals and diagnostics.

The research group ‘Vulnerability in Practice’ works to develop our understanding of vulnerable patients and their meeting with the primary health care system. Vulnerability can mean many things, and might be understood as both socially, psychically and physically conditioned. It is important to refine our understanding and use of the term vulnerability, which is a central perspective in the group’s research. We work with different aspects of vulnerability and focus on both patients and health professionals. The overall aim of the group is to conduct research that supports general practice in helping the patients that are most in need of assistance.

For further information, please contact Camilla Hoffmann Merrild.