Organization and Collaboration

The Center for General Practice at Aalborg University was established in 2015 as a collaboration between The Research Unit for General Practice in Aalborg, The Danish Research Foundation for General Practice and The Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University.

We develop our research in collaboration with general practitioners, but also with other health care professionals including medical specialists, private practicing physiotherapists, in addition to the regional and municipal health care departments. We collaborate with foreign- and domestic research environments/educational institutions, as well as the three research units for general practice, located in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense. 

Chart showing how Center for General Practice is organized. The center has two primary focus areas: research and education. In relation to education, Center for general practice has two focus areas: pregraduate teaching and postgraduate teaching. In regards to research, the center is organized into seven research groups: ‘Center for Research Based Teaching in Family Medicine’, ‘Chronic Diseases and Polypharmacy’, ‘Infections and Antibiotic Use’, ‘Vulnerability in Practice’, ‘Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation’, ‘New Technology’, and ‘Center for Musculoskeletal Health’.

The image above shows how Center for General Practice is organized. Click on the image to see a larger version.